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Unfiltered Survivors Podcast

Podcasts combine elaborate and artistic views, amazing guests and impactful stories. We are survivors, not just from our health events but from life and we want to empower YOU to live your best life UNFILTERED! All our views expressed are our own.

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Daniel & the NadaMoo! Story

Summary Amanda and Kelly are back from summer hiatus and have a special sweet treat! The ladies welcome Daniel Nicholson President and CEO of NadaMoo!. Listen as Daniel shares his story, his passion for sustainability and the start of NadaMoo!. #dairyfreeicecream — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a…

2021 Austin Vestido Rojo – Healthy from Home Series

Surprise! This week Amanda and Kelly have a special episode for you! The ladies have invited Catalina Berry, the Austin Community Impact Director of the American Heart Association to tell you all about 2021 Vestido Rojo. This year the event is virtual and the Healthy from Home series takes place June 15-17, 2021 at 6…

If I can survive a Stroke…I can do anything (Andrea’s Story)

In this week’s episode Amanda and Kelly continue to bring awareness to National Stroke Month! The ladies had the honor to welcome fellow American Heart Association Ambassador and stroke survivor Andrea Engfer to share her story. Listen as Andrea shares her incredible journey of never giving up and showing her daughter she can do anything.…

Our Hosts

Amanda DeJesus

Fierce & Unstoppable! Houston Chef, comic book lover, spin lover and the biggest Steelers Fan ever, She’s an Organ donation advocate and Heart transplant survivor of 17 years and counting. 30 something Amanda is currently awaiting her second heart and now a kidney. She tells it like it is, makes the most of every day and is wise well beyond her years!

Kelly Fucheck

Resilient, full of heart and awkward at times, 40 something Kelly is a wife, momma of 2, hip hop lover, CrossFit fanatic & Coach, Digital Media Manager and all around fitness enthusiast. She survived a Stroke at the age of 32 and has shifted her career, life and mission to empower everyone to lead a healthier more vibrant life all while continuing her own wellness journey.

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